Tokyoko city guide (1) - city ​​Districts

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Big city modeled on the Japanese metropolis is divided into 4 districts.



The largest district is Eastern Suburb.

There are old temples and historic wooden buildings.



Historic buildings :


*Katsumoto Temple

*Inari Temple

*No name Temple

*Hirosaki castle



On a small island is the district Hankyo.

There are ports for mooring boats and Maritime Museum.You can visit the club dance in the old temple...

On the large island are situated 2 central districts ; Shinjuku (business center) and Koto (harbor district).

Shinjuku district is a business center for Tokyoko.There are also hotels with swimming pools on the roof.


The highest skyscrapers of Shinjuku :

*Ropongi Hotel

*Sky Tree Tower

*Shinjuku Center

*Tsuya Skyscrapers

*Tokyoko Hospital Center

*Tokyoko Center Store

Historic Buildings :

*Senschi Temple

*Old Cemetery

Koto District is a great port and district apartment.


Guide to Tokyoko City :


*Historic Buildings

*Skyscrapers and important buildings

*City Districts

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