Tokyoko City guide (3) - Historic buildings

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Most of the temples and historic buildings are located in the eastern district.

The oldest temple is Katsumoto Temple ;

Inari Temple is an old school battle of the thirteenth century... 


...nearby is the Hirogashi castle of the fourteenth century.

The largest temple in the city is the No Name Temple (XII century) ;

The precious relic is a residential wooden houses ;

In the city center you can find Senshi Temple.
Temple founded by the Emperor Hiroshi is considered the most beautiful in the city.

In the city center you will find the old cemetery ;

... And dance club in an old temple on the Hankyo island (Hankyo District) ;

The oldest district of the city is a popular leisure destination in the city.

Guide to Tokyoko City :


*Historic Buildings

*Skyscrapers and important buildings

*City Districts

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