Tokyoko City guide (2) - Skyscrapers and important buildings

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The most important and highest buildings in the city are mainly located in the city center in the Shinjuku district ;

Ropongi Hotel this the tallest building in the city. 

Sims can live in the sky-suite overlooking the entire city and surrounding area.

Ginza Street is one of the shopping streets. 

There are numerous shops and restaurants and lounges games.

Sky Tree tower with an observation deck at a height of 300 meters above sea level is a major tourist attraction in the district skyscrapers.

At lower levels, there are restaurants and museums.


Sakura Art gallery invites you to watch the exposure of Japanese culture and other parts of the world.

Tokyoko City Center is the most distinctive skyscraper in the city.

To get to the observation deck soaring use code (enter: Testingcheatsenabled true and click on the upper level of a skyscraper).




Tokyoko Hospital Center is a comprehensive medical team and skyscraper.

Hikari Hotel - It features a rooftop swimming pool and bar with a view of the whole city.

Tsuya Skyscrapers - Two twin skyscrapers are the oldest in the city.

The city is located also many other interesting buildings such as hotels,skyscrapers,entertainment centers and historic buildings.


Guide to Tokyoko City :

*Historic Buildings

*Skyscrapers and important buildings

*City Districts

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